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Hey, it's like, David Dayan Fisher...again.

Um, okay. So I'm getting over the fact that "Greatest" Journal is a major douche and I will try to use other hosts for my images... I wasn't really planning on making a post right now, but I was looking at my caps from various movies and came across the National Treasure folder. Well. There are lots of images/parts of that movie that I really like, but when I came across this one, I just had to share.

Shaw/David looks like he's saying "Heeey baby, how you doin'?" Haha! And the other guy is all "...What the hell are you doing?" And um. You can ignore Ben, for he is made of lose and fail.

Anyway, I thought you might enjoy that.

...And the song playing on my player right now is not helping my amusement. Oh man. *falls over*
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