The Phantom Panther (phantompanther) wrote in bald_daily,
The Phantom Panther

David Dayan Fisher as Shaw

I first saw David Dayan Fisher in the movie National Treasure. It's a pity I didn't pay much attention to him while I was watching it on the big screen, but Sean Bean was distracting me... Now I pay attention to both of them, of course, when I watch the DVD, but our TV is only so big...

There are a bunch of caps behind the cut. ^^

The following caps were crossposted at bean_daily

I made the caps myself. There are different types of caps because I used to use Paint (bleh) to do my capping, but now I have a different program to do it and I recapped the movie. So now I have different kinds of caps. Whee!

Also, I know I keep saying I will post other people besides David Dayan Fisher, and I will, but I can't help it. I have a bunch of caps of him and I like to share 'em. So yeah! Expect more, too, because I thought he was only going to be on three NCIS episodes, but nope, he's ALL up in that series. Wow. When I get a chance to cap the episodes I recorded, I will, and there will be even more pics to post.
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