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This is a community for sharing pictures (and gif animations) of celebirties and possibly other people who are bald.

I was originally going to make a daily community for David Dayan Fisher, but unfortunately there wouldn't be many members or posts if that were the case. =( Then I thought about other celebrities that I would like to make a daily community about, one of which was Vin Diesel. I realized that David and Vin had something in common and thus bald_daily was born.

I recently discovered that the phrase "bald is beautiful" is true. =)

I can only make so many posts myself, so I need you guys to post things as well. If the community seems dead, the only way to bring it back to life is to make posts. All it requires is at least one picture. I'm hoping this place will be a useful community where people can collect pictures and share their favorites.


Of course, all communities need their rules...

1. Please do not hotlink. Use your own host to share pictures. ( Some Image Hosts that People Use: photobucket.com, greatestjournal.com, livejournal.com (paid accounts only), imageshack.us, imagecave.com)

2. All posts must to contain at least one image in it. (Your userpic doesn't count, of course) You can post official images, screencaps, icons, wallpapers, and other sort of graphics. If there isn't an image in the post, I will probably delete it.

3. Use an LJ-Cut if your image is large and/or if your post contains a lot of images.

4. Cross-posting and fake cuts are allowed. :) However, fake cuts must link to a page on livejournal.com.

5. The person who you are posting pictures of doesn't usually have to be bald. Just in the pictures you post of him/her. For example Jason Isaacs usually has (long) hair, but in at least one of his movies, he is bald. You could post pictures of him from that movie.

6. Stubble is okay. So is extremely short hair and partly bald.

7. I would appreciate it if you didn't use an excessive amount of chatspeak.

8. Please do not flame or harass (other) members.

9. Content rated R or NC17 should be posted under an LJ-Cut with a warning. I would also like it if you would make the post friends only - This way it makes it harder for younger viewers to stumble across it.

10. Pictures of guys and girls are accepted. I know there are mostly images/graphics of males on the info page and whatnot, that's just because I like guys. Heh. So yeah. Girls, guys, heterosexual, homosexual...whoever you'd like to post, really. Just keep to the bald theme. =)

- I have the right to change and add rules if needed. -

If you wish to contact me about the community, you can do so here. =D

Picture Filmographies:

David Dayan Fisher




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Last Updated: 01-04-2007
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