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David Dayan Fisher on Stargate Atlantis

I found out yesterday that David was on Stargate Atlantis and I hunted down the episode on YouTube. Luckily, I found and watched it. I must say, I really like the character and he's one of my favorites that David has played. I'm pretty sure his name is Baden.

I spent a couple of hours capping the YouTube videos provided by simbadalionking and was planning on posting them, but I found some better quality caps today on a Stargate site. I have some caps that they don't, so I can post them sometime as well. For now I'll just post the better ones. XD;

Images from

Their policy conerning using their images:

"Screen captures for use in journals, blogs, forums

* 6-9 screen captures the most please. Do NOT remove ABYDOS GATE caption from the bottom. Please do not claim or imply you made these. If you wish to use 6-9 screen captures in journals, blogs, forums, then please save them to your photobucket or similar accounts. If you post your work somewhere, please credit Abydos Gate."

Naturally, I really wanted to post 11 of them, but took out two to try to keep to their wishes...

If you were wondering, I do plan on posting pictures of someone other than David. *shifty eyes* I was actually going to do it a few weeks ago, but never got around to it. ^^; I still have to finish editing the caps...

Let's hope that this community is a little more active this year. =)
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